Peter is leading the Anywhere’s consulting programs.

He has a marketing and advertising background and spent years as an advertising executive working with global brands in London and Budapest.

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Torsten is leading Anywhere’s recruitment services.

He has extensive knowledge in blockchain technologies, and spent the last years as serving as an executive for several blockchain, fintech and technology companies.

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2008. Peter and Torsten launch Karmamedia in Budapest. As the first social media strategic consulting agency that time in the country, the business quickly secures key clients on the local market.

2011. Karmamedia grows from a boutique agency to a digital production company with a team of 20+ people. Peter exits the company and moves to the UK to pursue an international career in marketing & advertising. Torsten goes to a road trip in Asia, and works as a remote marketing consultant.

2013. Peter works for digital agencies as a senior consultant on various projects in London. He helps to build up internal teams, grow their clients and create digital strategies for national and international campaigns.

2014. Anywhere Consulting launches as a location independent business & marketing consulting company. Peter establishes a recurring talent pool to help with the expansion.

2018. Anywhere Consulting rebrands itself to Anywhere, a recruitment consulting company. Peter and Torsten joins forces to grow the business.



Companies are struggling to grow due to their geographical limitations. It is increasingly hard to find new clients or hire new talents. Meanwhile, technology allows us to enter a global market without any limits. 

However, doing business online is fundamentally different from traditional business management. Our mission is to help companies navigate the world of distributed business models and provide them support to achieve unlimited growth and realize their potential. We do this via remote recruitment, and business transformation consulting.


TRANSPARENCY. As a distributed online business, we are 100% transparent. We believe in the power of feedback and oversharing. We are committed to delivering measurable results. We think transparency leads to full responsibility.

FLEXIBILITY. We are flexible, not just because we have to be but this is how we feel alive. No matter your location, your situation or your goals, we think we can deliver value to your business. 

INDEPENDENCE. We are location independent, and we are free to do business anywhere. This freedom is essential to us, and we won't trade it in at any cost. We stand behind our approach 100% because we think it's right. 

CULTURE. Creative thinking is not a magic trick and can only come from motivating and inspiring company culture. Business is culture first. Everything else comes second. We help you to build up a company culture that you can be proud of.