#Budapest digital nomads: ways to meet other foreigners in the city

There are three types of foreigners in Budapest. Due to the European Union, EU citizens have the option to spend a semester at a foreign university. Therefore, there are a lot of international students in Budapest. The city has been ranked on lists as the best tourist destination in Europe or in the world, so tourists are flooding in the town. And some people come to work here, a lot of international corporations have their Central and Eastern European regional offices in Budapest. Bumping in foreigners in the central areas and in the party districts is every day’s life, but there are other ways to seek different companions. Digital nomads tend to be here at the same time period as the tourists, from Spring to Fall, most of the nomad meetups happen during this period.



Budapest Digital Nomads Facebook Group

The Facebook Group is open and has around 600 members (June 2016). The group is active and only focuses on digital nomads, any external content and focus are moderated. The members have casual meetups. Check the Group for more details (note: I’m an admin of the Group).


Budapest locals are avid fans of MeetUp.com. It became popular 5-7 years ago, and now it’s the first pick to organize any topic-related meetup in the city. It is widely used by foreigners as well. Compared to other cities, MeetUp is far more popular in Budapest, you can find multiple meetups for each day. Tech and IT meetups are the majority, but now the startup and expat meetups are also super popular.

General meetups

International Meeting Point (IMP) is a series of events which is highly prevalent among foreigners. The regular meetups are usually held at Ankert (favorite ruin pub) every second Wednesday. Expats, foreign students, couch-surfers, nomads and locals are all welcome. Guests are given wristbands, so you’ll know who you’re meeting with. Welcome drinks also happen often while IMP ambassadors take care of introductions.

Danube Events have favorite quiz nights, talent shows, speed dating, open-mic and comedy nights. The event series has a Facebook group where they share 3rd party expat events and English-language programs as well.

Official and semi-official embassy events are also popular. The British Embassy organizes The Club series in the Champs Sports Bar and InterNations also have event series in Budapest. The less official Friday Night Crowd Facebook group also meets every Friday at the Jack Doyle’s Irish Pub.


Tinder is extensively used in Budapest, while OKCupid is more popular among foreigners. Happn and Foursquare are also on fire. Meeting for a date as a foreigner is extremely easy with Hungarians. Most women prefer foreigner men to Hungarian men, while foreign women are considered exotic by Hungarian men.

Tips on meeting with other nomads in the city

1. MeetUps for Digital Nomads and foreigners are happening almost every week

2. Brody House is one of the main meeting points for foreigners, they also have local shows, programs, exhibitions and events only for foreigners

3. Co-working spaces are filled with foreigners and digital nomads too, especially in the city center

4. At the weekends, the city is flooded with foreigners coming from everywhere for a city break

5. There’s a Budapest channel on #nomads at Slack

6. There are also some nomads in Budapest at the Nomad List

7. The Central European University is located in Budapest, and it’s a great place to meet talented foreigners



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