Special needs and Budapest

Every traveler is different, and some have needs or qualities that need some special care, or it is considered unique in Budapest. Here are some examples and help if you are one of them.



Being a vegan/vegetarian in Budapest

Vegetarian restaurants are becoming popular in Budapest, but veganism is still in its baby shoes. Most of the restaurants have vegetarian meals on their menu, but the variety is minimal. However there are a lot of vegetarian-only restaurants in the city, it’s easy to find them online. Vegan restaurants are scarce. For an excellent vegan meal, try Hummus Bar (they have multiple locations), Napfenyes Restaurant and Bakery, Ganges Restaurant, LeBar or BioABC, Edeni Vegan Restaurant or the Veggie Nyers Bistro.

Being physically disabled in Budapest

Traveling with a wheelchair has its own challenges, and unfortunately, Budapest is a challenging place in this respect. Accessibility is mostly covered for touristic places and public buildings. Most of the shopping malls have wheelchair access, also the thermal baths and other favorite spots. Public transportation, however, is limited to the favorite tram lines and most – but not all – metro/subway lines. The best advice is to plan your journey in the city ahead seriously.

Traveling with a small child

It should not be a problem to visit with your small child. Children have special discounts – or even free admission – for museums, events, programs, places, and public transportation. Kindergartens and other support services are also available, but they cost money. Nannies are also available, and since Hungarian women are very family-oriented, they are perfect and supportive. Small kids need individual seats in cars. Family–oriented programs are available in the city from one of the biggest zoos in Europe, circus, Palace of Wonders, Millennium Park, to the Budapest Puppet Theatre or public pools and baths.

Traveling with your pet

Getting into the country with your pet is very straightforward. You need the necessary essential paperwork: EU entry forms, dual language health certificate (not older than 10 days), health vet history and rabies vaccination certificates. There’s no mandatory quarantine for pets if you provide all the necessary documents. Check at your local embassy for the required papers.

Having a pet in Budapest is also great. Hungarians are serious dog owners, dogs are trendy in Hungarian households, even in the very center of the city. There are a lot of dog walking grounds and parks. Fenced public parks are closed from pets, but open public parks allow to walk your dogs. A leash is mandatory in the city; just like a muzzle on public transportation (you need to buy ticket/pet pass for your dog as well). Picking up dirt is also obligatory, there are individual dog dirt bins across the city, some even have plastic dirtbags if you don’t have one with you. Margaret Island and the City Park are the most popular dog walking parks, here you can take the leash off and freely roam with your puppy. Pet shops are all over the city, and the prices are super low. Pets are not allowed in shopping malls, in public places and in most of the restaurants. Look for the dog sign before you enter or ask the staff for permission.



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