The essential toolkit to manage your business online

Doing business on mobile devices and online platforms make life a whole lot easier. The ability to work from anywhere at any time is revolutionizing the way business is done and gives business owners more freedom than ever before. With that in mind, what are the top apps businesses need to know about for managing business online? Let me give you the rundown.

It’s amazing how technology is finding its way just about every corner of your business. Apps can make a tremendous difference to your business productivity, and they can save you money as well. Companies can benefit from mobile apps and online platforms because they allow you to:

  • Be more collaborative and social on the go;

  • Sync your information across all your devices (desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet);

  • Customise and personalize the programs for your own needs;

  • Cut down on office space;

  • Receive real-time updates.

Here are a few handy apps for online budgeting and business management.


When you are doing your bookkeeping, and you are like us, sometimes it can be tricky to figure out how much GST is in a GST inclusive amount. Fortunately, specific types of finance apps are changing the definition of entry-level accounting. They don’t have the complexity that is inherent in most accounting programs. They offer the bare accounting essentials: you can get apps that can do invoicing, a general ledger-style report, or can print checks.

Cloud-based accounting apps let you track and manage expenses, payroll, purchase orders, invoices and financial reports in real time from anywhere in the world.

If you are not tech savvy, start with your bank. Most banks now have apps that allow you to transfer funds, pay bills, view checks, retrieve balance information, or make deposits by taking a picture of your tests.

With the following, more specific finance tools, you can get a clear and real-time line of sight into what money is coming into your business and what money is going out.

Tax tools

There are year-round accounting and tax services provided for a monthly fee, offering tax preparation, tax consulting, bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, audit support and more for businesses:

If you are not comfortable doing your tax yourself and you can’t afford to pay an accountant full time, check out the following apps that connect taxpayers with experienced tax pros, and hire one of them:

Invoicing tools

Invoicing can take up a massive chunk of a business owner’s time. Invoicing apps will allow you to create quickly, send and track invoices, so you get paid faster. They are also accessible on mobile devices for on-the-go invoicing.

Here are the best examples of apps and online programs that you can use for creating invoices:

Tools for Accepting Payments

You can find lots of great apps (besides your bank app) that allow you to accept payments from customers you’ve already invoiced. These solutions allow businesses to accept money transfers directly from customers’ bank accounts at a flat processing rate per transaction, and some of them even come with a credit card swiper.

These are the must-have apps for busy business owners who don’t like to write checks, and don’t have time to sit down and pay bills:

Bookkeeping tools

If you want to do complete bookkeeping or business management using a mobile device, here are some programs that can help you with advanced solutions:



Keeping employees and customers up-to-date can be a challenging task for a company. However, communicating with your team doesn’t have to be hard. Here are the best communication tech tools to use for your business.

Project management tools

These tools work as shared virtual office spaces making them ideal for collaboration projects. The apps allow you to read and add to your projects, share and synchronize online documents, coordinate team projects, and tasks.

Collaboration tools

Whether you need to hold an online meeting, arrange remote sessions, make a voice call or video call, or chat and send multimedia messages, the following tools make all types of group collaboration super easy.

Ticketing & tracking tools

Whether you’re a sole trader or you have a team of people working for you, it can be difficult to track the time spent on a particular client’s job. There are excellent time tracker apps out there that run on mobile devices and allow you or your team to record the time they’ve worked on a client’s project. Some of these apps are capable of consolidating this information together and reporting it to your accounting software.

As you can see, there are a vast number of online platforms and apps to choose from, and each of them has something different to offer. Get started using one or more of these tools and see what it can do for you, your team and your customers.



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