How can distributed teams help your business?

Distributed teams can help you in several different ways. If your growth is limited by geography, distributed teams can scale you up to a global business. If you have low margins, distributed teams are a cost-effective solution. Are you looking for inspiration? Do you want to beat your competition? Look no further, distributed teams are here to help.

Limited by location

Distributed teams can help you if you have certain limitations. You are probably based in a small to medium-sized city in the US. Most of the promising talents moved to hubs like New York, San Francisco, Austin, Chicago, and others -- it is hard to hire locally to fill up your local offline office with talented people. You also have a limited number of clients, and you have to fight your battles to beat the competition and win more business. Your growth is limited by geographical location.

Limited by resources

Distributed teams can help you if you have low or declining margins. High margins can help you grow your business but if you have a small margin or that margin is falling over the months, you have to do something about it. I bet most of your operating costs are related to overheads, payrolls, and expenses like your office. It is not just about the fact that hiring someone remotely is cheaper than a local employee -- this is not the case as the top-level remote employees are almost as much expensive as a good talent locally. However, having remote employees means you can redistribute your revenue to the most critical part of your business: your people. They can help you grown, not the new office space you are renting out.

Limited by competition

Distributed teams can help you if you have crazy competition. Without geographical limitations and higher margins, you can focus on the real thing: beating your competition and maintaining a steady growth pattern. With a limited market, you can‘t just run out of possible clients but also lose them to other competitors. Global team means global business -- and global sales as well. The process will help you focus on the core services that bring value in -- and it will help you to position your business on a global scale. Now that you have a global team, it is not far-fetched as it seemed before, right?


Limited by inspiration

Lastly, distributed teams can inspire you in every way. It is an often neglected opportunity as it is hard to describe by numbers. However, bringing in new people from new cultures - the best of their field - and working with them will inspire you to reach new heights. Distributed teams are super-flexible and super-responsive if you hire and manage them well. You will be more adaptable to new challenges, and you can enjoy the constant flow of new insights and ideas.

You can't-do that with a small team of local people. You can use these benefits separately, or you can go full-on. It depends on your current business setup. Even hiring someone remotely and integrating them into your present team will help you along the way or you can transition your existing business into a fully distributed company. Either way, make sure you will enjoy all the perks!



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