How to align goals with your team

Keeping everyone on the same page is essential for every business. There are three types of goals for every company: 

Longterm goals: here goes all the financial goals and annual plans. We are speaking here about corporate strategy.

Milestones: these are certain limits that you can accomplish and exceed to achieve the long-term goal(s) of your business.

Short-term goals: these are more like reports, small achievements, daily project management task accomplishments also goes here.

First off, before you can make sure everyone is aligned with your goals, you have to define these goals for yourself. Make sure you have a solid business plan with a strategy you can execute. I rarely describe a strategy with more than a year lifespan. Anything that has more than a year lifespan, I call it a dream, or if we want to keep it professional: trend. You don’t know where the market is heading, everything changes so quickly, and so many variables are unseen for you – so there’s no point wasting time on 5-10 years plans. However, if you can define a clear annual plan with fixed milestones to achieve, you are off to go. Setting your business strategy is highly personal, you have to know your business and your capabilities.

Once the plan is ready, please make sure it is transparent too. Please share it with every member of your team so they can see you have an idea and they are in the same boat as you. Make sure the milestones are also shared when achieved and celebrate achievements. There are three rules on how to align goals.

Make the goals transparent

Make the goals transparent so everyone can feel they are in the same boat. Yes, even financial results and planning. Make sure all of the plans are visible to everyone. You can create a digestible document that is shared across your team and can be commented on everyone. Who knows, a team member might have some great addition to your longterm plans!

Updates on progress

Share updates on the progress.The easiest way to share it: a weekly progress report and a monthly strategy report. These reports can be written in a template, which you should update every time. In the weekly bulletin, share the progress on specific projects, the actual cash flow of the company and the teamwork schedule, focusing on sprints, time-offs, new hires and layoffs and also share new sales prospects and results. In the monthly report do the same but on a grander scale. Don’t focus on the smaller projects and reports but report on how the milestones are and how far you come with the annual plan achievement. These reports are amazingly crucial as they are getting an update for everyone on the progress of the goals.


Celebrate + Get feedback

Every time you achieve a goal or reach a milestone, celebrate it with the team. If you fail to reach the goals on time, get feedback from everyone on the causes of failures. 

Having clear goals help you to get everyone on the same page, and it boosts morale and productivity. No one wants to work for a company that doesn’t have plans, or it is secretive about results. Transparency helps you to reach your goals, and even further, it helps you to improve your strategy via team insights and feedbacks.



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