How to automate your remote business

I wanted to clear up some examples here so you can learn how much time and money you can save by merely automating specific tasks on your business. Here is a couple of them.

Request processing

Planning a team retreat and don’t know where to go? You need a new business tool to use for your team but not sure which one? Planning an offline meeting but not sure where? Want to organize an out-of-the-blue team call where everyone participates – which is an issue due to multiple timezones?

Worry no more, email is here to help you. Or… not. On an email thread, things can get lost and mismatched and forgot. It is also utterly time-consuming scrolling and looking through a long thread.

Simply put the request up to a board or workflow card on Trello or any other tool like that and share it with the relevant parties. You can collaborate on the board and automate issues like availability for everyone due to calendar integrations. It saves time and minimizes miscommunication.

Claims and reimbursements

As a distributed business you might need to manage how your team use tools and claim expenses or how they travel around the globe if needed and claim reimbursements. Yes, you can do that manually and request invoices to get the costs covered, but you can also automate this process to minimize hassle and reduce mistakes.


Onboarding for clients and new employees. When you need to send out the very same documents to many people, you can do better with automation. If you are an in-office team, you probably have an in-office onboarding process for new employees, where you show them around the office and introduce them to other colleagues and to the primary database you work with. As a distributed company, you have the same tools, people and assets that you need to guide every newcomer through. The first time you do this will be a manual process, but even the second one can be automated. It can be done for clients too with automated proposals and workflow introductions. It also gives you the opportunity to treat everyone the same way – same automation.

Basic admin work

There are tons of stuff you can do with automation tools like Zapier from password management, database inquiries, marketing, and customer service automation to social media scheduling. These are little tasks, for example, someone subscribes to your newsletter organically on your site, but you want to keep their records on your sales tools too, tools like Zapier automates this database inquiry with ease, without you even pushing a button. Microscopic tasks are minor ones which can be done manually in a minute, but they can accumulate and tend to be forgotten if not treated immediately. Simple administrative automation can help you to save much time, keep your business organized, and not to forget anything essential.



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