How to get more leads from LinkedIn with LeadCookie

Finding prospects on LinkedIn for your business is an obvious choice, but the method might not be that obvious. Setting up a process is hard, but luckily there are services which you can try and use to ignite your lead generation. Enter LeadCookie - a done-for-you lead generation business that helps other companies to find leads from their fine-tuned LinkedIn prospecting process. 

At this point, I have to state that I have zero affiliation with LeadCookie, so it is not a sponsored or affiliate post. I used their service for one of our clients, KISSPatent. I was blown away how effective it was, though, I have to admit, it wasn't exactly rocket science. Before jumping into their process, let's answer the obvious question: why LinkedIn?

Why LinkedIn anyway?

According to LinkedIn - and their official Marketing Solutions Blog - there are some impressive stats to back them up. They have 500M users from which 61M are senior level influencers, and 40M are decision-makers. From other sources, we also know that 260M of their users are logging in at least once a month and 40% of these users are daily users. Do the math, on average 15-20M decision-makers, are logging in every day to the platform. In short: those who matter in business, use LinkedIn. 

However, LinkedIn still has less noise than Facebook. Plus, if you send an InMail to someone, they get an email notification with your full InMail copy. Ok, this might have gone under the radar, so let me repeat it: you can send direct emails to anyone on LinkedIn. So we all know how powerful an email can be. Of course, there's the option to initiate a conversation with anyone directly on LinkedIn as well.   

So all in all: you don't need to build a list of prospects - they are already there on LinkedIn, you need a reliable process to approach them with your messages.

Enter LeadCookie...

Jake Jorgovan, the founder of LeadCookie, has explained their process openly on his blog, and you should read that. This post is a goldmine for marketers. LeadCookie has a reliable method on how they approach prospects on LinkedIn. The process works with almost every business who want to sell services or products to other companies. Of course, the more niche your business is, the better it will sell. LeadCookie uses a simple process, it is so simple that it is almost satirically funny - but it works. 

  • They get access to your personal LinkedIn profile and polish it up. We can all agree that a better LinkedIn profile will build more trust - especially when it comes to cold prospects.

  • With your polished profile, they then jump on to LinkedIn Sales Navigator. They help you to find your target group and filter down the prospects for you. It will stay there as a saved search for later use.

  • To these targets, they send out 100s of connection requests. For this, they use a screening tool and a casual connection message.

  • Anyone who accepts the connection requests gets a drip campaign - which is predefined and prewritten. LeadCookie's team clears out these messages every day from your inbox. There are 3-4-5 steps - depending on your needs, goals and current setup - in this process and if someone replies more than just a "hi" qualifies as a lead.

  • Those who replied get transferred to you personally, from there, your sales funnel should work with them. LeadCookie is a lead generation business, not a sales business. Closing the leads is your job.

Here's the process explained in their video:


It is that simple, though Jake seriously gives away all the nitty-gritty details of this process on his blog. By the way, Jake operates a distributed business and he built up LeadCookie from his consulting business as a productized service from zero to $33k MRR - which is also detailed in his post here

My results with LeadCookie

I have used them for one of our client, KISSPatent. Our client helps startups and innovators to monetize their ideas with intellectual property protection, like patents, trademarks, and copyrights. It is a semi-niche business with a well-rounded target group which you can filter down pretty quickly on LinkedIn. Our client also focuses on key industry areas, like artificial intelligence and blockchain - which makes the prospect filtering process even more easier. We wrote the drip campaign together with LeadCookie, and they handled the prospecting. We managed to breakeven LeadCookie's fee after the first weeks and generated 15-20X return on their service. KISSPatent's sales cycle is much longer than other companies', so I know that we will close even more sales later on, just from getting back to that engaged pool what LeadCookie has generated. 

However, it wasn't as easy as it sounds. I'm not sure how it works for others, but for us, it worked not just because LeadCookie has a reliable and straightforward process for prospecting. Prospecting does not matter if...

  • You don't have a robust sales funnel ready. Generating leads is one thing, closing down deals is another.

  • You don't have already existing free added value content for your prospects. The added value content is used to nurture your leads or retain them, even if they can't be closed immediately.

So my advice: before you jump right into lead generation, with or without LeadCookie, first build up a collection of added value content and then create a robust sales process. These serve as a foundation for your lead generation. At KISSPatent, we built up a full resource center first with hundreds of articles, ebooks, and videos. Then we optimized our sales funnel and created all the necessary campaigns and processes. Only after these, we gave LeadCookie a try.  

You can't just go fishing without bait and a rod.



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