How to interview applicants for your job remotely

You are hiring remotely on your own, and it is challenging. You have mastered the art of writing a fantastic job post, and you have applicants. You have selected the best ones for an interview. 

No matter what job you are onto or what stage your business is, your next step is to get the first screening interviews with the top candidates. These interviews are one-on-one interviews. The goal of these interviews are the same: check how the candidate communicates and how the chemistry works for you. Here, little things matter. Pay extraordinary attention to how the candidates communicate during the process, before, during and after the interview. 

During the call

During the call, do they have an excellent internet connection? I know it sounds harsh, but we are talking about remote work. Are they in a quiet place or is there a lot of background noise? If they can’t commit a safe and quiet place for the interview, how could they manage future talks with your team with a setup like this? Do they ask questions about the job and the team you have, or just trying to sell themselves? Also, this can’t be rationalized but does chemistry work between the two of you? Did they do their background check on your business? If yes, that is great, they are interested in you.


After the call

After the interview, do they follow up proactively? If you asked them anything, do they send it over ASAP or entirely forget to send? Do they mail you with further follow up questions? 

After the interview, many candidates will be disqualified. You act like you always do: reject them even more politely, as they’ve spent time on talking with you. Let them know they are dismissed quickly, and it is polite. They might hunt for other jobs as well and still wait for your feedback. Those who made it through the first interview, a test job is waiting to be done.



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