Tips for Planning a Remote Team Retreat

There is nothing comparable to the freedom of working remotely. However, some teams have taken it to the next level. A month of workshops, co-working, ocean view, and adventure sports. Here’s everything you need to know about planning a stellar remote team retreat.


For remote companies, building a strong culture is a prerequisite for success. However, one of the drawbacks of being part of a remote team is that you don’t physically meet every day. Whether your team is fully or partially remote, a team retreat is an amusing way to bond and get focused as a team so you can meet your goals together. A few times a year, get your distributed team together in the same location to have fun, discuss upcoming projects and plan the future of the company.




Pick an affordable (yet beautiful) destination. If you aren’t planning to spend all of your angel money on team retreat – even though you are tempted to do so –, try to avoid high seasons. You can easily find jaw-dropping places for a retreat during any time of the year, which are perfectly aligned with your budget.

Going somewhere remote and exciting will allow the team members to unwind and relax. Choose a destination that fosters collective creativity and well-being: an area of outstanding natural beauty, with the sea or an island on site, or a bustling city with a fresh atmosphere and the taste of a real gourmet experience.


Plan a minimum of 1-week retreat, but ideally, plan for multiple weeks. If you are familiar with the “endless beauty” of long-haul flights and already know what it’s like to jump between time zones and get hit with jet lag, you know what I’m talking. Your team needs time to rewind before they are ready to come up with game-changing ideas for the company.

Start with group activities and bonding exercises. Once everyone has become acclimated to the gorgeous scenery, it’s time for some productive work. However, make sure you have enough time to discover the area at your leisure.


Probably, you don’t want to have a strict schedule, but you’ll need to plan your team retreat of time. It will help your remote team prepare for the significant encounter both physically and mentally. To get the most out of your time together, be prepared to change some aspects of the program and to adapt to new challenges on the spot.


Make sure that your team retreat location is fully equipped with necessary technology, fast and reliable internet connection, as well as indispensable brainstorming tools. Don’t forget to check these features BEFORE booking! Unless you want everyone to be completely cut off from civilization.


Organizing your team retreat isn’t worth the money or the hassle. There are dozens of companies out there who have expert knowledge and experience in organizing team retreats. Outsourcing the planning process is probably the most significant single step you can take toward having an unforgettable remote team retreat.


If you are looking for a year-long trip around the world, check out the programs below. They provide accommodation, transportation, 24/7 access to co-working spaces, and an awesome community. They typically spend one month in each location.

·      Remote Year

·      Remote Way

·      The Remote Experience

·      YonderWork

·      Wifi Tribe

If you are into the idea of visiting a stellar remote location like Nicaragua, Portugal, Hawaii or South Africa while focusing on your projects, but a full year sounds too long, choose a shorter program. Join one of the following remote team retreats for a few weeks or months:

·      Be Unsettled

·      Coworkparadise

·      DNX Camp

·      Hacker Paradise

·      Nomad House

·      NomadLife

·      Outsite

·      Project Getaway

·      Roam

·      Surf Offices

·      WeLive

·      WiFly Nomads

Do you believe that the journey is more important than the destination itself? They’ve got you covered. Just imagine, traveling with like-minded people, wholly embraced by the sea! All aboard!

·      Coboat

·      Nomad Cruise

Did I miss any? Have you been on a remote team retreat that is worth mentioning? Drop me a line and I’ll include it in my list.



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