The ultimate guide for digital nomads on Budapest

Budapest is my hometown. I’m also active in the digital nomad community here. In 2016 I wrote a comprehensive guide for digital nomads on my city, which is still available on Amazon for pennies. I wanted to sum that guide up for a blog post here for every nomad who’s looking for the best basecamp for a roundtrip in Europe - because that’s why Budapest is amazing.

Couple of notes before I jump right into it. This will be a bit longer blog post than usual and also it will be a bit more personal compared to the usual business-related posts here. I hope it will be still useful though. The original guide is a long, detailed version of this blog post, again, if you are looking for better readability and an ebook format, check it on Amazon. If you want the full guide for free, sign up to our newsletter - there are regular free giveaways there, including this guide. If you really want it for free, email us directly - I will send the PDF to you. Now that’s all covered, let’s crack on with this guide.