Where To Find Your Next Employee? Freelancer Sites To Find Talent For Short-Term Projects

Finding remote employees has never been so easy. However, finding the best hiring site has never been so hard. This post is part of a series, where I help to find your next remote employee -- this time with remote job boards.

I get the question too many times: "Where should I post my job to find people?" - so I always answer this: "Well, it depends on the job you're posting." So I decided to write this series of articles about where to find talent remotely.




If you are looking for someone to join quickly and on a short-term, post on these sites. Most of them work on the same model: everyone creates a public profile, all previous jobs or gigs are public and reviewed, all paperwork is done through the site. It sounds easy but it is also its drawback: there are a lot of low skilled, low billed soldiers of fortunes there. Be careful and hire only those who have a lot of great reviews - even if they ask more than your usual offshore developer in mind.

UPWORK - Visit their site

This is The Largest Platform. There is no specialization, you can find basically anyone for anything here. They charge a small fee per project to manage the paperwork. This fee is a bit higher than on other sites below but it’s a good thing: the site is focusing on slightly higher quality contracts and workers who are billing more. 

FREELANCER - Visit their site

This site is from the old days, which means: anything and anyone can go on basically any price. The site claims to have 13 million users, with no specialization, it attracts mostly low-quality jobs with low skilled workers. 

FIVERR - Visit their site

Fiverr focuses on micro-projects called gigs. Need a logo fast? Done. Need someone to post social media updates to relevant sites? Done. All this for a fiver. The site's strongest point is also the weakest: finding someone who's available and skilled for longer projects is almost undoable.

PEOPLE-PER-HOUR - Visit their site

They do the same approach as UpWork and Freelancer: you post a gig, you get applicants. People Per Hour focuses more on general jobs, admin work, simple design and project management. 

GURU - Visit their site

Similar to the ones before, a generalist freelancing website but here you can find some interesting categories in related fields, which you can't or hardly find on others: legal and finance. Apart from that, it works like the same as others.

FREELANCERMAP - Visit their site

This site is free for freelancers and basically, no screening involved. They ask some fees from employers. Their strongest point is in Europe as most of the jobs are focused on the European IT market.

GOLANCE - Visit their site

GoLance is a site that is very similar to UpWork, where you can find, hire, manage and pay freelancers from basically any field but they offer lower fees, easier management and a cash back option which you can claim after your spendings. 

If you are interested in remote recruitment sites, read this article in the series. If you are into classic job boards tailored to remote work, read this article



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