Where To Find Your Next Employee? Recruitment Services To Find Remote Talent

Finding remote employees has never been so easy. However, finding the best hiring site has never been so hard. This post is part of a series, where I help to find your next remote employee -- this time with remote recruitment services.

I get the question too many times: "Where should I post my job to find people?" - so I always answer this: "Well, it depends on the job you're posting." So I decided to write this series of articles about where to find talent remotely.




If you have no time and want to make sure you will get the best out of the bests, recruitment solutions are a good way to start. They tend to be more expensive than traditional freelancer sites and job boards, but they get the job done for you. They are the modern recruitment services, specifically designed for the remote workforce. They often work as an outsource agency where you can "borrow" contractors for short- or mid-term projects. 

They act as traditional recruiters: pre-screen the applicants, filter them to deliver only those who are relevant to you. Sometimes they also manage the paperwork and the whole hiring process for you.  

TOPTAL - Visit their site

They are specialized in developers, designers, and finance experts. Toptal pre-screens the applicants, claiming you will only deal with the top 3% of the freelancers. It means that you will get the best out of the bests. They are more like a traditional outsourcing agency where you can get external help on a contract-base. 

FLEXJOBS - Visit their site

Instead of filtering applicants, Flexjobs filters companies first. You need to get an invitation to post a job there. Once you have a profile with them, you will receive full support and only get targeted applicants to your job posts.

STACKOVERFLOW - Visit their site

StackOverflow has an amazing developer community where you can tap into if you are an employer. They pre-screen everyone and act as a major recruitment service for you. The best thing about them: they are not just for freelancers, you can hire developers from other main companies.

COWORKS - Visit their site

CoWorks is also a similar site to UpWork but they offer not just lower fees but specialized free recruiters who find talents for you within their platform so you don't have to waste time. 

GUN.IO - Visit their site

Gun.io is specialized on developers, they can apply with their GitHub profile only. Gun.io then matches them with the right employers. Their main asset is that they are focusing on full-time freelancers, not side hustle ones. 

LANDING.JOBS - Visit their site

Landing.jobs works like other online recruitment sites: they pre-screen everyone and act as a recruiter for you. They are focusing on tech but in a much broader way than just developers. They are new in the game and offering great perks due to the high competition. 

If you are interested in job boards, read this article in the series. If you have a smaller project, look for freelance job sites and read this post for help. 



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