Where To Find Your Next Employee? The Best Public Job Boards Tailored For Remote Workers

Finding remote employees has never been so easy. However, finding the best hiring site has never been so hard. This post is part of a series, where I help to find your next remote employee -- this time with remote job boards.

I get the question too many times: "Where should I post my job to find people?" - so I always answer this: "Well, it depends on the job you're posting." So I decided to write this series of articles about where to find talent remotely.




Job boards are for those who want someone to jump on board for a full- or part-time job. Not for a project or a micro-task. These job boards work like the same as any job boards, they just offer remote working ability or are entirely dedicated to remote work. Anyone can post a job and anyone can apply. Sometimes you and also the applicant has to create a profile to post and apply.

The good thing: you don't have restrictions on the type of job you want to promote. The bad thing: same, anyone can apply. 

JOBESPRESSO - Visit their site

The site focusing only on remote work and as an employer, you have to take up a fee to post a job.

ANGEL.CO - Visit their site

Formerly AngelList, the site focuses on startups. Everyone has to create a profile and apart from finding talent on their job boards, companies can apply for funding and interact with investors.

AUTHENTICJOBS - Visit their site

An old site focusing on designers and creative talent. They deal with non-remote job posts as well.

DRIBBBLE - Visit their site

The site only focuses on designer jobs. You have to pay a fee to post a job here.

EUROPEREMOTELY - Visit their site

The site offers developer-type remote work available in European companies. If you are looking for European time zones, this is your board. 

REMOTEOK - Visit their site

Not just a job board where you can post a job, but also an aggregator which collects remote jobs from other job boards.

WORKINGNOMADS - Visit their site

As an employee, you need to post a job here, but as a freelancer, you get job alerts to your email. This makes the process much faster than other job boards. 

GITHUB JOBS - Visit their site

The popular developer site GitHub also offers remote working opportunities to its users. You need to pay a slightly high fee for the listing though but it’s worth the price as it appears in front of a large developer community.

WEWORKREMOTELY - Visit their site

The site is tailored exclusively for remote workers and spreads new jobs through their large Twitter-community. You need to pay a fee to post a job here.

SKIPTHEDRIVE - Visit their site

Named the best remote freelance job board by Neil Patel. General job board tailored to remote work, employers need to pay for listings.

THEMUSE - Visit their site

This job board offers remote work opportunities as well but its main asset is in its employer branding. They offer coaching services for employees and employer branding options for employers.

INDEED - Visit their site

One of the greatest job boards in general. Indeed offers remote working opportunities as well.

HUBSTAFF - Visit their site

HubStaff offers free job posting for employers - they make their money through team management options which you can use. As a job board, they are great, as a team management tool, they are amazing. 

VIRTUALVOCATIONS - Visit their site

The site is free for employers so you can post an unlimited number of jobs. They focus on telecommuting jobs so you might find more stay-at-home employees here. I would recommend focusing on admin and assistant jobs on this board.

REMOTIVE - Visit their site

Remotive is a great job board for remote workers and they also offer a nice bi-monthly newsletter for job seekers which makes the job hunting process quicker. 

WFH.IO - Visit their site

WFH is an inexpensive solution for finding talent. They have a cheap cost of posting a job and have a great community on Facebook, Twitter and a large number of email subscribers. 

OUTSOURCELY - Visit their site

Outsourcely pairs of remote freelancers who are looking for a full-time partnership with companies. They offer a lower cost rate than other freelancing sites.

IDEALIST - Visit their site

Though it's not exclusively for remote workers, Idealist has a nice amount of remote work options as well. It is tailored for NGOs, Foundations, and civil cases. 

CAREERBUILDER - Visit their site

One of the biggest job boards in the United States, they offer remote work options too. As an employer, you get access to a massive recruitment CRM system once signed up.

POWERTOFLY - Visit their site

PowerToFly aims to be the remote job board for women. Not just for remote work, but if you post a job for remote work, you pay less. 

If you are interested in remote recruitment sites, read this article in the series. If you have a smaller project, look for freelance job sites and read this post for help



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