Where To Find Your Next Employee? The Complete Guide On Where To Go If You Want To Hire Remotely

Finding remote employees has never been so easy. However, finding the best hiring site has never been so hard. This post is part of a series, where I help to find your next remote employee -- this time with remote job boards.

I get the question too many times: "Where should I post my job to find people?" - so I always answer this: "Well, it depends on the job you're posting." So I decided to write this series of articles about where to find talent remotely.

Hiring someone remotely is almost the same as hiring "normally." You post the job description, and you get applicants, you have interviews, then roll on with someone new. This time the only difference is that you won't meet them personally.

Clear Up Your Own Network First

First, clear up your network. Ask around, but this time instead of telling them about your fantastic office and location, offer a telecommute or work-from-home option. There are a lot of freelancers in your town who are working with multiple clients and don't want to be tied to an office every day.

The optional work-from-home or "come to the office one day per week only" option will open up a new community of applicants for you.

Hire Locally

It sounds weird if we are talking about remote working, but trust me, it is a great option. There are a lot of meetups and regional networks around you, look around. Post to local job boards if you can, Facebook groups if you have any. Always highlight that your business is within reach but the ideal candidate can work from home or there's no mandatory office schedule. 

It is advised for those who don't want to go full remote in the first place and want to experiment with it.

Hire your fans and followers 

Use your platforms. Your blog, your Twitter, your community. If you have a product that has a significant user base, post the job for them. You never know, plus it's free to do it. If it works out, at least you need to spend less time on new employee onboarding, as they are already familiar with your product and company.

Job Boards, Freelancing Sites, and Remote Recruitment

Let's say you have done everything above, no success. Hiring from a job board, a freelancing site or using a remote recruitment service should be your very last option when everything else fails. 

From here, two things matter only: TIME and PROJECT. 

The two factors will pretty much determine which way you should go. Of course, every company is different, and hiring needs cannot be generalized, but the urgency and the nature of the project can help you determine where to look for your next remote employee.

If You Need Someone Right Now - Go To Freelancing Sites

If urgency is more important than the knowledge of your next employee, freelancing sites are the places where you can seek help. Most of them have an abundance of skilled freelancers that are available right now. You can hire them most of the time through the site itself, no paperwork, only a credit card needed. They will start to work for you, literally after you hire them. If you filter based on their knowledge and also do some quick interviewing with them, you can get a generalist, skilled, well-educated and trained freelancer for your need, right now. 

However, if you are looking for someone for the long term, I would recommend something else. Most of the people you can find on these sites are long-term freelancers, they jump on and off on projects, and most of them work on multiple projects at the same time. Commitment and retention are not the most substantial assets here. However, you can find available skilled workers here, now.



If You Need Someone Right Now And Planning To Hold Them On The Long Run - Go To Remote Recruitment Services

If time is valuable for you, but you don't want to compromise on skill and retention, remote recruitment services are your thing. Most of these services will help you to find the right talent for the right job, they are quick and easy to work with, and you can keep these employees in the long run as well. However, these are not job boards or freelancer sites - they work as traditional recruitment services, so expect higher fees. Much like a typical recruiter, but for remote teams. 

They offer specialized contractors, who can work for you on different projects. You get the commitment, longterm planning and they can be hired pretty quickly. If you have a more extended project which needs a highly skilled, dedicated and committed remote employee, try these services out.


If You Have The Time To Find The Best Candidate - Go To Remote Job Boards

Do the old-fashioned way. Job boards are specializing in offering remote jobs for remote employees. Creating a job post on these sites is free or comes with just a small fee. Most of them are public and monitored by those who are currently working remotely. The news gets out quickly, most of these boards have their community and follower-base. You will receive applications - if you write your job post well - almost immediately - but you need to monitor them. You have to do the interviews, the whole selection process. 

Job boards are a great option if you are looking for someone for the long term and you also have the time to manually select the best applicant. 




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