Anywhere Consulting is helping clients to grow their business since 2008 in various forms. Our background is in digital marketing strategy and in the recent years we also work as remote business consultants.

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Helping startups to protect their ideas

We helped KISSPatent, a bootstrapped NYC-based legal company to generate more awareness around patents and intellectual property protection for startups and entrepreneurs. 

As their marketing team and business consultant we got them more digital leads and helped them to organize a distributed team to stay flexible and scale up fast. We achieved this with implementing the idea of a Patent Community Centre and a Learning Hub, which helped entrepreneurs and innovators to learn more about idea protection and patent benefits. We also created a robust sales funnel to drive more leads to the sales.


Helping Companies To Distribute Content

We assisted RebelMouse to deliver amazing analytics product to media companies that help them to gain insights on how to distribute content. 

RebelMouse is an NYC-based startup that helps companies to distribute content with their social-focused CMS. As their insights consultant, we provided assistance in product development, data analytics, and distribution, as a part of their global remote team. 


Helping To launch A New Organisation

As part of a global agency, Sapient, our founder Peter was in charge of the transformation and launch of a new government organisation in the UK, Public Health England. He helped them to re-organise their current structure and launch live with a massive project, Longer Lives. 

The project focused on preventive healthcare on the main death-causes in the UK per location. PHE became a massive success and currently serves as the main preventive health organisation of the United Kingdom.


Clients we worked with

A list of clients we have directly / personally worked with to scale their or their clients' business up.

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