full support to grow your distributed business

Our workshop helps you learn how to run a remote business. It is our best and most cost-effective solution for those who need hands-on support in transforming their business. It is tailored to entrepreneurs and business owners who want to launch a new venture, or transition their company into a distributed business.

If you need tailored, 1:1 help to launch your remote business, check our Accelerator Program.



Each workshop session pays particular attention to a specific topic.

This approach provides filtered and actionable knowledge that you can implement immediately.

Limited Availability

Each workshop session has a limited number of participants to ensure deep learning.

This method helps every attendee to walk away with all their questions covered.

Full 1:1 Support

Every workshop member has access to 1:1 strategy sessions to get full 1:1 support.

On top of that, everyone has full access to our online support solutions as well.


Ready to join?



You will get access to our weekly online workshop session. Each session is limited to 5 attendees. Each workshop session has its particular topic. You can suggest issues before meetings. No prior knowledge required, you can join any time. The workshop sessions are 60-90mins long.

1:1 Strategy session

You will get access to a monthly strategy session. Strategy sessions are 1:1 calls. You can send questions before the meeting, which will get covered during the call. The strategy session is 60-90mins long.


You will get access to a private Slack room and a closed Facebook Group. You have full access to online support and self-learning is encouraged via read-to-learn and watch-to-learn content.


You have to implement the learnings on your own. You will get a lifetime 10% discount on all our services, in case you need further help.



  • You can attend at least four workshops and one 1:1 strategy session per month.

  • Businesses can share one seat.

  • All sessions are remote-only online sessions. Make sure that you can dedicate full attention when joining and you have a good internet connection for a video call.

  • Two group workshops per week. You can join one of them.

  • Participation is limited to 10 attendees per session.

  • You can suggest topics to cover two weeks prior, and your question has to be approved by other members.

  • The Slack-room and our Facebook Group are groups. If you need private, discreet consulting, make sure you will join your monthly 1:1 session or message us directly.

  • You will get access to our Remote Circle newsletter, tailored explicitly for workshop members.

  • You will get read-to-learn materials between sessions. We will also recommend you DIY-courses which can help you to extend your knowledge.



The price is $290 / month.

You can cancel at any time, or switch to one of our other services at a discounted price.

This workshop is particularly effective if:

  1. You are launching a new venture or transition your company to a distributed business

  2. You are an entrepreneur or freelancer who wants to level up

  3. You need a more focused learning experience than a DIY-course, and you also need dedicated personal support for your journey

However, we want to make sure this workshop is right for you. To join, please schedule a call, and we will answer all your questions, plus help you to decide if this is what you are looking for.